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about me

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I'm a clinical psychologist, systemic therapist, supervisor, and lecturer based in Berlin, specializing in music industry psychology and mental health care. With additional training in clinical hypnotherapy, psychodrama, family therapy, and group counseling, I bring a comprehensive approach to my work.


Having worked in various therapeutic and psychiatric settings, including in-home family therapy, psychiatry, and youth welfare services, I've gained valuable experience in understanding and addressing diverse psychological needs.


As a musician, I've witnessed the psychological challenges of the industry firsthand. Special individual and environmental factors are often crucial for success but can also contribute to significant stress and, at times, harm. For almost a decade now, I have combined my expertise working as a music industry psychologist and mental health in music advocate.

In 2016, I opened my own practice dedicated to supporting artists and music industry professionals in navigating the complex demands of their careers. From managing performance anxiety to mediating conflicts and providing strategies for handling media attention and preventing burnout, my focus is on offering tailored support to individuals and teams.

Beyond individual therapy, I collaborate with agencies, universities, and festivals, conducting workshops and lectures to raise awareness about mental health in the industry. Additionally, as a co-founder of MiM-Verband (GER) and active member of  "Music Industry Therapist Collective" MITC (UK, USA, ES, FR, GER) I actively contribute to initiatives promoting sustainability and cultural change in the music sector.


  • Psychology Studies with a focus on clinical and rehabilitation psychology, intercultural psychology, work and organisational psychology (University of Bremen)

  • Study visit to Norway, specialising in Scandinavian anthropology and Norwegian (Universitetet i Bergen, Norway)

  • 3-year training as a systemic counsellor and therapist (certified by the German Society for Systemic Therapy, Counselling and Family Therapy DGSF), INSA Berlin

  • 2 years of training in clinical hypnotherapy (certified by the Milton Erikson Institute, Hamburg)

  • Various seminars and further training in the field of clinical psychology & counselling (selection of topics: Crises and suicidality, anorexia, intercultural couple therapy, ambivalence work, ego-state therapy)

  • Family reconstruction (according to Virginia Satir)

  • Hypnotherapy (according to Milton Erickson) - hypnotherapeutic approaches to depression and burnout (seminar leader Ortwin Meiss)

  • Guilt, feelings of guilt and guilty conscienc (seminar leader Ortwin Meiss)

  • In-house family therapy (according to Marie Luise Conen)

  • Multifamily therapy (according to Justine van Lawick)

  • Psychodrama in family reconstruction (seminar leader Gabriele Striegler)

  • Licence for psychotherapy according to the Heilpraktikergesetz (HPG)


  • Graduate psychologist in private practice (since 2015)

  • Music Industry Psychologist & Therapist, Speaker 

  • Member of MITC Music Industry Therapists Collective

  • Co-founder of MiM- Association Mental Health in Music, association for the promotion of mental health in the music industry

  • Lecturer "Mental health in Music" at Folkwang University, Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln, BIMM Hamburg, Hochschule Darmstadt, Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt Weimar, HMTM Munich, among others

  • Trainer and speaker "Mental health in the workplace" & "Crisis and stress prevention" e.g. Hamburg Music, FKP Scorpio, MISC Berlin, Signavio, EREV

  • Lecturer in systemic counselling and therapy, family reconstruction, work-related self-awareness, psychosomatics INSA Institute for Systemic Work

  • Trainer and consultant for team communication and team development, e.g. DCI Digital Career Institute 

  • In-house family therapist and couples therapist INSA Institute for Systemic Work

  • Trainer for intercultural competence and communication, e.g. International Graduate Center Bremen, Centre for Intercultural Management at Bremen University of Applied Sciences

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