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My name is Anne Löhr,

I am a psychologist, therapist and supervisor

for the music and creative industries.


My services are aimed at individuals, teams, musicians and bands in acutely difficult or prolonged phases of change and stress.

My task is to work with you to recognise your individual development needs and to support you in discovering and realising your goals.

I offer you a space for intensive dialogue with yourself, your current situation, your wishes and your history. In doing so, I focus on your personal resources and experiences.

The aim is to establish new perspectives and room for manoeuvre that are experienced as coherent and meaningful. This applies to both acute crises and longer-lasting processes.


The basis of my work is systemic therapy and counselling, which is based on humanistic and constructivist approaches and is characterised by self-determination, resource and solution orientation. I use systemic-psychological discussion methods as well as the visualisation of important issues in various forms in our discussions. I also integrate methods of family reconstruction (V. Satir), hypnotherapy (M. H. Erickson) and psychodrama (J. Moreno) into my work.


about me

As a psychologist and certified systemic counselor and therapist (DGSF), I specialize in working with artists and teams in the music and creative industries. After many years in various therapeutic and psychiatric settings, as well as teaching systemic therapy training, I opened my own practice for music industry psychology and mental health care in Berlin in 2016.


mental health in music

As a psychologist and musician, I've witnessed the psychological challenges of the industry firsthand. Special individual and environmental factors are often crucial for success but can also contribute to significant stress and, at times, harm. For almost a decade now, I have combined my expertise working as a music industry psychologist and mental health in music advocate. I am Co-founder of MiM association (GER) and active member of MITC - Music Industry Therapist Collective (EU, USA). 


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