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Mental health in music

I work as a psychologist with artists, bands, labels, management and booking agencies and co-operate as a speaker and lecturer with festivals and associations in the music industry.

I am an active member of the MITC "Music Industry Therapist Collective", a globally networked and active collective of therapists with a background in the music industry.  The MITC offers counselling, lectures and workshops as well as psychoeducation. At the beginning of 2020, I co-founded the MiM Association and was active there until mid-2022.


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As a musician, I am also familiar with various networks and initiatives of women in the music industry (e.g. MusicGermanyWomen, Raketerei, V-Breakfast, MusicCoWomen, VUT MusicIndustryWomen).

artist & BANDS

Dealing with stress, strain and pressure

Clarification of internal disagreements and discrepancies 

    discrepancies (mediation)

Dealing with evaluation and evaluation anxiety

Reflecting on your own development, wishes and perspectives

Dealing with fears, panic and mood swings

Dealing with criticism and praise (hate speech, impostor syndrome)

Dealing with boundary-breaking behaviour of fans (closeness-distance regulation, (media) communication)

Mental health on tour

Dealing with success and failure

Moderation of decision-making processes

music industry professionals & TEAMS


Communication counselling, conflict management and mediation in dealing with artists (during the process and in acute crises)

Counselling in dealing with artists with psychological problems

Dealing with the mixture of private and professional life

Time and stress management, burnout prevention

Mental health on tour and at festivals

Supervision, mediation and process support for teams

companies, agencies & INITIATIVEs


Lectures, workshops & panels (also in cooperation with the MITC)

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